Dr. Doretha Smith

To God Be The Glory!

About Me

Doretha's PictureI received my Doctorate of Religious Education. I am currently an Associate Pastor but will soon pursue the office of a Pastor as the Lord leads. I am in the process on working on my first book to be published. I teach and preach the powerful Word of God. I am a Bible school teacher. I do not allow limitations to stand in my way. Furthermore, I am currently pursuing a degree in the field of social work. This was a doorway that the Lord has open up for His glory.

I was inspired to start this website under the guidance of the Lord. I am currently visually impaired. I was diagnosed with an eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa. This disease is literally taking my vision in such a major way but I refuse to allow it to take what God has chosen me to do on this earth. In due time, my eyes will be as new. There are no limitations in God. I wanted to empower people to see what God can do no matter what it seem like or what people may say. I am a saved woman of the Lord God who allows the Holy Spirit to work through and in me inspite of the condition with my eyes.


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